We have integrated an innovative product, called “Insulated Concrete Forms”, or ICF, into the foundation. This provides these homes with greater livability as well as green benefits.

ICF stands for Irrigated Concrete Formwork. It is used to insulate concrete walls and floors from the elements.

These forms are interlocking modular units, which are dry-stacked without mortar and then filled with concrete. These forms are similar to Lego bricks, and can be used to form the structure of a building’s floors or structural walls.

ICF offers several direct benefits, including:

1. ICF increases energy efficiency. ICF walls are highly insulated and have no air spaces or holes. This greatly reduces outside air infiltration. ICF’s high thermal mass resists temperature changes, creating a more comfortable environment.

2. ICF construction has a greater sound resistance. It uses a foam-insulated concrete core which acts as a sound barrier and dampens unwanted sound vibrations. This creates a tranquil and comfortable atmosphere in these luxury homes.

3. ICF is more durable than traditional building methods: ICF offers greater durability and strength in comparison to traditional building methods.

4. ICF is better for the environment. ICF is a great construction technology that produces very little waste during construction. Long-term environmental benefits can also be derived from the increased energy efficiency of ICF over traditional methods.